Tips for Regaining Your Lost Love

There are always up and downs in every relationship. People who have been very happy together can still break up for various reasons. Regaining your lost relationship or love is one of the most difficult processes especially when you don’t have any easy fixes. However, there are some crucial things that can help you in regaining love from your ex. The following are some of the effective tips on como reconquistar ex

Taking some steps backward

This involves remembering the good experiences you had in the past. You should then ask yourself what have been doing differently and how you have been treating each other. Cooperating with your husband or boyfriend can help you in reliving those moments. Going out on a date to a nice restaurant and then ordering the same meals that you were enjoying back then can help you in regaining passion and love. Forget about your kids and spend at least one night together in that place. These are some of the important things that can help you in triggering you mind and reflecting the nice past moments.

Making new friends

happy friends

Broadening your horizons is one of the crucial things that can help you in regaining your love. This will make your man start craving attention. Spending time apart will make you appreciate the little time that you spend together. It is therefore important to have outside interests that would make your life more enjoyable. This will involve doing some of the interesting things that you have been longing for. You can also ask your partner to join you in some of these activities.


Compromise is very critical. Having been in a relationship, you already know what your partner likes. At this point, you can compromise yourself and participate in those activities that you are not interested in. For a happy and successful relationship, you should avoid the quick response of countering things. You should avoid phrases such as …whether you like or not. Instead, you should take time to think and understand what your partner is saying and then give her a measured, clear response.


Being honest

honest virtue

Honesty is very crucial in every relationship. It can greatly help you in regaining your lost love that might have elapsed. People are known for being honest with each other during the early stages of their relationship, but things change over time.

Avoid playing games

Some games can make you wear out. You should engage yourself in harmless games such as play fighting. Mind games are also very fun. All these games are meant to fostering a good relationship.