Momentum Yoga – The Premier Yoga Sanctuary in Hills District

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Momentum Yoga is a premier yoga sanctuary that lies in the Hills District of Sydney. Rosalind Evans is the founder and director of this facility. She completed more than 500 hours of intense training on yoga from various institutions before she started this sanctuary. Her interest in this practice began when she was 15-years-old.

More specifically, Rosalind saw a 75-year-old instructor in a lotus position with her head behind her head. This incredible versatility displayed by an old woman convinced Rosalind that yoga had numerous health benefits. She later discovered that some of these benefits included stress relief, low levels of anxiety, and increased flexibility.

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Other benefits of this practice are improved muscle strength, weight loss, and mental wellbeing. Moreover, yoga promotes better sleep patterns and overall body fitness. Fortunately, Rosalind decided to use her training and experience as a tool for helping people achieve these benefits. That is why she opened Momentum Yoga, and it now has three different classes that it can offer you.

• Group Classes

womenMomentum Yoga has four different types of classes namely Warm Flow, Yin, Slow, & Restore, and finally, Mums & Bubs. Warm Flow is a dynamic style class incorporating standing poses, back bends, inversions, arm balances, and sun salutations. It links all of these movements to breathing. You will benefit significantly from these classes because they teach you to develop traits, such as mental focus, endurance, and improved posture among others.

Unlike Warm Flow, Yin is a non-heated, and it is perfect for beginners because it focuses on opening up the body to the world of yoga. More specifically, this passive practice taps into the connective tissues in your body increasing your level of flexibility. It helps you unwind as well. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for learners and for people who sit at their desk all day.

Hills yoga is incomplete with Slow & Restore classes because they focus on breathing, alignment, and slower-paced learning. This focus makes them ideal for many people who feel that they need to learn yoga at a moderate or slow pace. In this case, Slow & Restore classes provide them with an entry point into the world of Hills yoga.

Finally, Mums & Bubs is a recently introduced class at Momentum Yoga. It will cater to the yoga needs of mums in addition to bubs who are below 12 years old and below.

• Private and Corporate Yoga Classes

womanMomentum Yoga offers you an opportunity to learn yoga privately. That means creating a customized schedule for you is possible so that it reflects your daily routine. Private yoga classes are also ideal for you if you want to learn Hills yoga at your own pace. These classes will help you as well if you are focusing on personalized milestones instead of objectives set by groups.

Finally, companies can benefit from corporate yoga classes. These classes led to an increase in work productivity and cohesiveness among staff members. More specifically, it reduces their stress levels, builds them psychologically, and helps them interact positively. Consequently, there is a marked increase in their performance levels in the workplace.

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